The Importance of Habits

With everything going on right now, I can’t be expected to stick to a good habit.

Rubin, Gretchen. Better Than Before (p. 175). Crown/Archetype. Kindle Edition.

I have, since October, been reading a fascinating book about habit forming called “Better Than Before.” It goes into how people form habits, why they do (or don’t) and the various fallacies we all fall into in order to justify our bad habits (or failure to maintain good habits).

I came about the book in a slightly unusual way – it was referenced in a learning system I utilize called Fluent Forever. The FF Method is big on SRS (Spaced Repetition System) and encouraging your brain to retain the information you previously learned just before you’re about to lose it again. One of the people in that community recommended the book as a good way to learn setting good habits.

So why are habits so important, why are so many of us master procrastinators? (Guilty!) Why do we succumb to the “tomorrow syndrome” where we’ll promise to get better tomorrow? What stops us from starting things right now instead of finding excuses not to execute?

I won’t go into huge detail on the book, beyond offering that it answers all of these questions in stunning detail. It not only goes into how to determine your habit-forming personality traits but how you can, for lack of a better word, exploit them to best reach your goals.

To pick it up yourself, check your favorite book vendor.

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